Tuesday, December 01, 2009

News Flash

We interrupt the blog silence with this breaking news story!

Woman injures herself while flossing
The Clover family Thanksgiving vacation was cut prematurely short when Irish Clover suffered a horrific flossing accident. While in the process of flossing her back tooth after enjoying deliciously cooked ribs, the Super Floss she was using broke off in between her teeth. Irish Clover, being a bit slow on the uptake, took another piece of floss to remove the still lodged food item and the newly added lodged piece of floss. Much to her dismay, the second piece of floss snapped and wedged itself with the other.

"Ow!" was her primary response.

The family rallied to her aid, providing a wooden toothpick, which also broke. The toothpick was removed, but was also followed by an additional piece of floss which also broke and stuck. At this point, her family put her to bed. The next morning, they left the relaxing seclusion of the woods and headed back into the city for an emergency dental visit.

"I'm just glad it wasn't me!" were the words of comfort Italian gave Irish Clover when she bemoaned, "Who injures herself while flossing!"

After a few minutes in the dental office, Papa Clover was successful in removing the lodged pieces of floss. Irish Clover returned to the house with a smile, a mildly aching mouth, and a bruise above her lip.

We now return to our regular blogging broadcast schedule.