Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two different camps

Summer camp is in full swing for both Clover and me. He's in his second week of Zoo Camp and even though the zoo is in the heart of the city, he's had plenty of wildlife encounters.

He's fed hippos and played with iguanas. A trantula walked across his hand. An eagle came to visit, as well as a host of other animals. Despite not really knowing anyone else at camp, he's plunged in everyday ready for a new adventure and missing his camp friends from the previous week.

My camp experience has been wildlife free, but I'm having a blast! Cabin 3 is a chatty and friendly bunch. Being the late night cabin, we chat almost all hours of the day. I've got a bunkmate from Washington state, and other campers post drinks and recipes. Virtual camping has also been full of pranksters sneaking into our cabin and announcing the prank they've just launched. We've had our shoes shuffled as well as a few other camping pranks. The campers post lovely pictures of their works in progress and even with everything else going on, I've knitted a decent amount on my campfire shawl.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Going to Camp

What does a busy mom on a yarn diet with an active family and a job outside of the home need? Why one more thing to do of course, especially if it involves buying yarn! I'm heading to camp, but not any camp, I'm "packing up" for Camp Loopy, a virtual knitting camp. I dashed off to Cabin 3 with all the other night owls. My bag is bursting with my yarn, and I've casted on for Catkin, a lovely little shawl I hope to take to on vacation later this summer. The other campers are a chatty bunch, swapping recipes, showing off their projects and yarns, and overall, keeping everyone intertained. One camper even started a little campfire and posted a picture of us to huddle around.

I've never joined a knitalong quite like this before. In fact, I've only been part of a swap once, and loved the experience. The best part of the swap, and what I think will be the best part of Camp Loopy, was the flexibility to knit on a project of my choosing while still being part of a larger collective experience. My cabinmates as well as my pattern mates with keep this camp exciting, and we don't have to worry about bug bites or poison ivy.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another year

As hard as it for me to believe, we've made it through another year. Little Clover not only survived his first year of middle school, but it was a smashing success. He managed his school work on his own without help from us and brought home great grades. He excelled in sports and chess camp and enjoyed his first dance of the year. His class even beat out the other class for the most blue ribbons on field day. After a hard year's worth of work, we've heralded in the end of the year and the beginning of the school year with a nice long break.
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Summer began for us with the annual ending to Memphis in May - The Sunset Symphony. Being a knitter, I brought a wooly project to knit while the symphony played. The lacey Dayflower cowl is an excellent spring and summer knit. When the cold weather hits, the memory of a warm summer delta night will linger enough to fight off the chill.
From WIPs

This was our first ever sunset symphony and I can see it becoming an annual tradition. Watching the sun set over the river while listening to an excellent symphony performing and ending with fireworks over the river was an experience I'd like to have again.

Summer also brought a new little niece. The Little Princess captured our hearts when we met her last week.
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She's the lovely little recipient of a knitted Elijah. I hope she loves it to pieces.
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