Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the year ends

My two, ok maybe three, remaining readers have been begging for a new post and before they become too belligerent, I felt the deserve to end the year on a happier note. Things were rough for us after we lost our little pet, but to honor his memory, we lived on holding him our hearts. Brenda Dayne's podcast on preparing for the loss of a dog with a new dog inspired us to go out and see if there was a Guinea Pig who reminded us of Jellybean that needed a home. We found one. It was as if she was placed at the pet store just for us. She arrived at the store two days before we found here. When we brought her home, we named her Jellybean and she looks just like him.

From Irish Clover

We also celebrated Mrs. Soprano's birthday in October and Nana Clover's in November. Again, my life is blessed by these two women and I am very grateful for them sharing their lives and families with me.

As for families, we had our annual trip to the woods for Thanksgiving, and we also added in a little something new. Growing up in Nashville, I always loved seeing Opryland Hotel decorated for Christmas. Little Clover has never really experienced the hotel, so this year, we added a night's stay at Opryland. He played in the snow.
From Irish Clover

He also rode the river boats in the hotel and we spent over three hours wandering the grounds looking at the conservatory and waterfalls.
From Irish Clover

Overall, the last couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity, knitting, and holiday preparations. We're relaxing a bit at home now and I'm recuperating from a very bad cold. In a couple of posts, look for a parade of recently finished knits and a reflection on the last year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!