Friday, February 09, 2007


Wow, and thank you to everyone who donated! Thank you very much for helping out a fantastic organization. I will be sending out more formal Thank Yous to everyone who donated. Thank you, again.

The trip to Minneapolis was an eye opener. I experienced winter like never before, and it was cold. At one point, we drove over the Mississippi River and it was a solid sheet of ice, covered with snow. The landscape was white as the snow made the most delicious sound as you walked on it. It crunched beneath your feet and clings to your hat as you stand outside to take pictures of it, as proof that snow does exist and will last longer than a few hours. While I was outside taking pictures of this beautiful white stuff, I had a couple of people tell that this was not even a lot of snow. Boy, they should come down South for the winter, I thought.

I was fortunate enough to have Anniversary Sweater Part II with me to keep me nice and toasty under my coat. It was finished in a flurry the Saturday before the Super Bowl. I seamed my Saturday morning away and began the blocking by the afternoon. By the time I packed, it was dry and ready.

Anniversary Sweater Part II
Pattern: My own design
Gauge: 19 stitches over 4 inches (pre-blocking)
Needles: US size 9 Denise interchangeable set
Yarn: Cashmere Breeze by Tahki Stacy
Duration: Off and on since November 9, 2006

The yarn is a very lush, soft cashmere that halos just a tad when washed. The sweater expanded just a touch after blocking, but it was hardly noticeable. The sweater was a luxury to knit and is a luxury to wear. It is soft against your skin and is like wearing a warm hug. It is an amazing reminder of our anniversary and I'm very fortunate to have a guy who gives me gifts of yarn.

The pattern has a simple braided bottom and cuff. The body is stockinette with slight shaping. For the collar, I knitted a few rows of garter stitch so the focus would remain on the braided ribbing at the bottom.

As for anniversaries, I completely missed my Blogiversary! Life was busy and the event just past me by. The last year in the blogiverse has been grand! I've met some wonderful people and found new blogs and have an outlet for writing. I hope to continue blogging for a while and if anyone has suggestions on topics, please let me know.

Now, to look forward! I'm geared up for Project Spectrum 2.0! February and March are devoted to blue, white, and grey. I've pulled out an old UFO:

the blue quiviut yarn from Alaska,

and a new project:

a Green Gables in it's raw form.

My needles are jumping to get started.


irishmama said...

The sweater is gorgeous.

Lynn said...

Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous, I just love the cables I think that really makes it special.

MRS MJW said...

Really great design. Keep up the awesome work!