Friday, April 27, 2007

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Between work and personal deadlines, my week has been extremely crazy again. I've been working long hours and have had a few late evenings at home. I've outsourced meal preparation to local restaurants, all house cleaning to either Italian or a service, and taxes to Italian. I have even sent those super short emails. I'm sure you have seen them. They are fragmented messages missing nouns, articles, and verb: messages that are limited to:
Busy. Send more later. Lunch?

Little Clover has responded to my busy schedule and stress by stepping up and becoming a little gentleman in a pint sized body. After a long and stressful day at work, I came home late the other night and hit my limit within 15 minutes of walking in the door. The dinner Italian had called in for me to pick up on my way home was not ready. In fact, they had not even put the order back to the kitchen. The washing machine had forgotten its purpose in life was to clean clothes, and my favorite hair clip broke. I was stressed and tired. Little Clover took one look at me and said, "Mama, I'll fix dinner tonight? How about a grilled cheese sandwich?"

I smiled and said, "That would be lovely."

Since he is still little and not allowed to use the stove, I asked if he would like for me to cook it. He said, "Yes, please," and we had a wonderful dinner.

In an effort to meet my pending deadlines, I've eliminated sleep from my schedule. Other than the bags under my eyes, my new twitches, and a propensity to be a bit edgy, it's coming along swimmingly. You can get a lot done, like a Wedding Shawl.

Yes,sirree bob! The shawl is blocking! The knitting was finished late Tuesday night and the ends were woven in yesterday. I made three mistakes while knitting but only one is really visible. I hope The Engineer loves it. I also hope the off white of the shawl doesn't clash with the off white of her dress.


gwensmom said...

We were wondering where you were. That shawl is totally gorgeous. I knew you could do it!

olympiablue said...

lovely work! hoping for a less stressful may for ya!

sweetpea85 said...

the shawl looked absolutely beautiful! It was sooo great seeing you and Italian, little clover, and the rest of the family. Thanks for helping me settle in!! :)

cindybmw2004 said...

hey girl....your hubby said last week you were so busy lately, when I was complaining that you hadn't updated in awhile. Sorry to hear that, but glad to see your blog updated! What a beautiful shawl. I hope the bride to be will enjoy it and know how much it took you to knit it!

lynsey said...

oh my it's just breathtaking! i love it! i wouldn't be able to give it away!

paula said...

The shawl is beautiful.

Mary said...

That is such a cute story about your little one...and the Wedding Shawl is gorgeous. Lucky bride!