Friday, September 19, 2008

Cowboys and Pirates

Let's face it. Show progress on miles of stockingnette just isn't exciting, especially when progress is slow. I've only been able to knit a few rounds a day on the sweater and not much more on the sock, so today, you will have cowboys and pirates.

Little Clover began horseback riding lessons this week. His joy poured out in the form of unending chatting and the desperate need for cowboys boots and a hat. I took him shopping. He settled on a pair of black boots with a little bit of gold on the toe. He donned them with a swagger and walked about the store, completely enamored with the look.
From Horse

When it was time for his actual lesson Wednesday, I heard he loved it. He learned the names of the equipment used and helped get the horse reading for riding. Then he learned the basics of riding. Finally, his lesson ended with washing the horse. He's the cutest cowboy I've ever seen.
From Horse

And how do pirates fit in? Well, because today is Talk like a pirate day! So pull out your eye patch, matey, poor a glass of grog, and dust of ye parrot. I bring to ye a few lines of pleasure from the smallest mate, Li'l Clover.

What do pirates do when they are together?
They arrrrrrgue.

What's a pirates favorite thing in the sky?

And one final bit o' fun from the Capt Xavier Guy of the Flagship Scion
A pirate walks into a bar. He has an eye patch, a pirate hat, a parrot on his shoulder and a steering wheel hanging from the zipper of his pants. He goes to the bartender and orders a pint of the finest ale. The bartender pours the pint, hands it to the pirate, stares at the steering wheel before finally saying, "I have to ask, what's with the wheel?" The pirate looks at the bartender and replies, "Argh, that. Well, that be driving me nuts."

Happy talk like a pirate day!

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Anonymous said...

Yess!! My joke is published. Oh, and don't forget this gem. Where do pirates like to go to eat?