Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I've learned

During the month of February, I've learned many things. Some of what I've learned are actually new, but others have been reminders of things I've learned in the past. I've learned that losing families members is very hard and it hurts for a while. I've learned being melancholy and sad is perfectly ok and part of life. I've learned smiling through the melancholy is ok, too. I've learned that no matter how old you are, sometimes you just really need your mom, and in some cases, no matter how long she's been gone, she finds a way to send her love. I've learned a mother's love never stops even after she's gone. I've learned the importance of family and discovered yet again how amazing of a woman my grandmother is. I've learned that I work for a really cool boss and my vice president is pretty awesome, too. I've learned my company does some amazing things and truly does produce products that improves the lives of individuals, of families, of communities. I've learned that my dad is going to be quite happy once his medical device is turned on and three surgeries is a tiny sacrifice when compared to what he's going to get out of it. I've learned you can get a lot of knitting done in a hospital waiting room, but not necessarily as much as you expect to get done. I've learned that 4:30 am is way too early to be getting up in the morning. I've learned driving 200 miles doesn't seem so bad after the 4 trip in 3 weeks. I've learned sometimes simple stockinette is all one can handle, and that's ok, too. I've learned I miss my spinning wheel, but I can still spin consistantly, and I love it. I've learned knitting really can soothe a soul, heal some wounds, and light the path out of being sad. I've learned my dad has a big head, but not nearly big enough to fill the enormous hat I knitted.

From 2009 Finished Objects

Pattern: Turn a Square by Jared Flood
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby
Notes: This is a great pattern and super easy to knit. The instructions Jared references for a jogless work out well and produce a barely noticeable seam up the back of the hat. I would definitely knit this one again.


foxycpa said...

I love the hat. You should friend your dad on FB if you haven't already...

Diane said...

good lessons, all. ::hugs::