Monday, February 15, 2010

I thought this was the South

From 2010 Finished Objects

As you may have noticed from the picture of the finished socks with the heart stopping blue stripe, there was snow in dem dar hills. We had our annual day of snow last Monday. The four inches was ample fodder for the annual Clover snowball fight, which was complete with knitted hat:

From Buzz

And snow stained clothing:
From Buzz

We built the annual snowman and off course, had the obligatory cup of hot chocolate by a roaring fire. These are the types of obligations I love. To top it all off, the snow came back today with a slight dusting and beautifully lovely large flakes. There's something to be said about watching the Winter Olympics while knitting and seeing snow drift down from the skies. Happy Winter!


infiKnitGirl said...

It's been snowing so much here, that S said she's tired of the snow. Have you checked out my blog yet?

MommyRussian said...

He is SO cute!!!!