Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things I learned at Disney World

1. The Animal Kingdom Lodge has an incredible view.
From Disney March 2010

2. Zebras, elands, ostriches, and giraffes love to hang out by the hotel rooms, and you will end up naming the ones you see every day.
From Disney March 2010

3. Sometimes, ostriches follow a car for no other reason than to see where you are going.

4. Ten year old boys walk with a swagger when dressed in full pirate regalia.
From Disney March 2010

5. A ten year old boy will still walk holding his mother's hand when not dressed in full pirate regalia.

6. If you tell your server at the restaurant in France (at Epcot) that your horse just had a foal, not only will he ask if you own a ranch and dress as a cowboy, but he will now be fully confirmed in his belief that all Americans own horses and dress as cowboys.

7. While speaking in Korean to a Disney employee, it is perfectly fine to tell her that you meant to say "Thank you" (in Korean) instead of just blurting out "I love you" (in Korean). She will nod and say "Ah, ok" (in English).

8. Korean employees at Disney World are shocked and amused when a ten year old Irish complexioned boy with an Irish name and Irish freckles say "hello" in Korean. Then they look with surprised happiness at the Asian looking mom of said Irish boy.

9. When you speak German in Germany (at Epcot), you will totally make their day.

10. You beam with pride when you are told in France (at Epcot) that your son has a wonderful French accent, and you are equally amazed that he can hold a conversation in French. You wonder what he just said.

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MommyRussian said...

He is SO cute & smart!!!!!