Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I spent this morning with my traditional Mother's Day breakfast in bed watching "Miracle," Little Clover's favorite movie of the moment, with Little Clover and Italian, and it was perfect. I love my breakfast in bed, and I especially love having it with Little Clover and Italian right there with me. After all, they are the reasons why I get a Mother's Day at all and for me, I love having them be a part of the celebration.

In previous Mother's Day posts, I've spent time thinking of the mothers. Today, I want to raise a toast to all the people who make us mothers, to the children we have, the children we've lost, the children we've adopted, the children we've longed for but have never met, the men who have fathered our kids, the other women who have mothered our kids, to our fathers and to their wives, to anyone who has a played a part in make us mothers (step, adopted, what have you), thank you for giving us today.

From 2010 CSA

Flowers from our CSA, run by a mom and the people who make her a mom.

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