Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Jury is In

From WIPs

I've been a fan of Signature needles for almost two years. They are my go to DPNs and since I almost always have socks on the needles, I almost always have Signature needles on the yarn. When they announced the possibilities of Signature circulars, I became ecstatic! I had yet to find a set of lethally pointy circulars for lace knitting. I began buying lace yarn in anticipation of the day the Signature circulars would be available. That day came and went. I missed the first release by a long shot. Then the stalking began resulting in two lovely second generation sets.

They arrrived while the bohus sweater was in full swing, so I tucked the needles away into my needle case until this week when I casted on for Laurie. They didn't evoke immediate love like the Signature DPNs. I did have to work the stitches onto the needle. My first thougth was that I casted on too tightly, but I've never had that issue with my Addis. I vaguely remembered Clara Parkes mentioning something similar and the resolution of the issue, so I contacted, Signature, and as always, their customer service was impeccable. We are working out an exchange, which is fantastic. I switched Laurie over to a newer set of Signature circulars and they knit like a dream, instant love. The join is smooth and my stitiches flow smoothly across the needles.

The points are lethally pointy and feel just right for lace knitting. Since the needles are aluminum, they do not make my hands stinky like the Addi Lace brass needles. I love how Signature is a USA made product and that they are needles made by a knitter for knitters. Yes, they are a luxury item, like a beautifully crafted pen, but to me, they are worth every penny. I would rather pay more for a well crafted item made here by a small company. It makes me think I'm doing more than just buying a set of needles. I walk away with needles and the sense I am supporting a small independent business and a local economy. Also, I get to envision what the manufacturing staff thinks and says when it's time to make the needles.

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