Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Measure a Life

Recently, and article from the Harvard Business Review titledHow Will you Measure Your Life stumbled into my inbox. Not only did the article provide great probing questions, but it also made me wonder how I want to measure my life. In addition to the article, Little Clover once again suggested I look into working at the zoo, his dream job office. I told him if I took a job at the zoo, then we as a family wouldn't be able to do some of the things we do. He then asked if he shouldn't grow up to be a zookeepper, if he should choose another job to take care of his family. With all my heart, I told him no. To do something he loved and the money would follow.

Blame my introspection on the recent round of lay-offs at my company, but his comments made me wonder if I'm on the right course for my career. The article did help reaffirm my focus, Little Clover. My job is not earth shattering, nor am I jetting up the career ladder. I used to struggle with my seemingly lack of ambition, but the article helped me articulate how I measure my life.

I measure life in the number of times I laugh each day, striving to laugh more than most adults do in a day. I measure life in memorable moments with my family, in the number of our inside jokes, in the trips we take, the fish we catch, the meals we share together, and in my knitted FOs. None of these are directly related to my career other than my job provides me with the means to be able to give my child a variety of experiences. No, Little Clover may not need to travel away from home to build fond memories, but it helps me unplug enough to have those moments with him. It is my goal for him to see the world so that when he's ready to fly off into it, it won't be a big scary place, but rather a familiar place, one he's experienced. Hopefully, he'll have a ton of warm knits to wrap around him to keep his body and soul warm.

As we wait for my job to settle down and for the summer to bring new adventures, I knit away on the tangible momentos. Yet another pair of socks to keep my feet warm and to burn up the sock yarn stash.
From 2011 Finished Objects

Monkey Socks by Cookie A
They are knit with Schaffer Nicole sock yarn in the colorway Peter. The yarn and pattern matched perfectly.

To help the Japanese earthquake victims, I knit Sakaki in Dream in Color Starry colorway Crying Dove. I hope Japan bounces back the resilience they've shown in the past.
From 2011 Finished Objects

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loel said...

Hi Irishclover,

I hope you're still reading our comments posts. I still adore you blog and catch up on it every couple of months!

I have a question: Next summer, some friends and I are going to Scotland and I want to take fly fishing lessons while there. I've always wanted to, and it seems too perfect to take them in Scotland (in between the single malt scotch tastings). Could you give me a few tips for a newbie? I have done the other kind of fishing and I alwalys enjoyed the casting a lot, which made me realize that I might enjoy fly fishing. But I haven't been fishing in years and years as I moved back east from the Rockies and my life changed very much.
Anyway, if you can give a few pointers to good websites or advice on newbie equipment, I'd soo appreciate it!
TIA, --Loel Kim

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