Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Anatomy and Monogamy

I got a chance to watch Sunday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" yesterday (gotta love TiVo)and was very amused. I love Sandra Oh. I think she is a fantastic actress and of course, she's Korean! Plus, her character is a very strong ambitous woman who isn't afraid of taking risks and getting things done. The show opens with her character dancing while brushing her teeth and listening to her iPod. I started to smile because I sometimes dance around the house if I'm alone. Then I noticed her iPod. I looked at it, then looked at mine on the sofa next to me. After some rewinding and rewatching, I confirmed that it was definitely the same iPod.

Hmm, it had to be coincidence that the one Asian on the show owns an iPod in the color Wasabi. Now, a little backstory. When I looked at buying an iPod, I settled on Wasabi because it was the perfect Ying and Yang. The green fit my Irish Western background and the name of the of the color fit my Asian Eastern background. To see Sandra Oh with it, I had to giggle. Then, when the episode began the final scene, Italian Clover and I really began to giggle. Sandra Oh, was sitting in bed, with a carton of Chinese take-out, eating it with chopsticks. I loved it! This was a character who spoke to me!

Even though I pulled out of the Knitting Olympics, I've been following the activities of fellow knitters and cheering them on. Because I'm under the pressure of a deadline To keep the spirit alive I've decided to work solely on one Work in Progress, abandoning all the other yarn in my stash that is crying out to me. I don't like it. Being monogamous in my knitting just doesn't seem to be in my nature. I love my project. I love the La Lux silk yarn. I love the recepient of the said project and hope she will be thrilled. I do not love only working one project at a time. I have sock yarn languishing in my stash, feeling neglected and unloved. I have two tank tops that are seeking professional help for the depression they are experience because after a year, I still haven't finished them. To top it all off, I just bought Little Clover this book. Every night, he flips through the book and begs for me to knit him a rhinocerous, or a parrot, or a seal, only to hear his mom tell him "as soon as the present is finished."

I'll never be monogamous (with my knitting) again.


lynsey said...

i for one LOVE GA and think that sandra oh is GENIUS.

love your blog! i'm giving in to knitting polygamy!

New Knitter in Nashville said...

As a new knitter (thanks to Irish Clover), I never knew the knitting rules (there are some somewhere aren't there??) allowed you to actually work on two projects at the same time! All of this time, I thought the other yarn calling to me was simply my ever shrinking attention span. Besides, since my current project was for Big Papa Clover, I felt monogomy a must!! I'm free. Of course, this means I will never finish a thing...

Anonymous said...

The Great Clovers have reviewed the new new blog and greatly appove.Love your house. Please send pictures of every nook and corner.
Love your socks - Can't do those -you have to count.
I recommend a knitting project near every place you may sit in your house. It is a mortal sin not to have hands busy at all times. It is as bad as an idle mind. End of sermon. Love, Grand Clover.