Monday, February 27, 2006

Warm Fuzzies

I love warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies are those little things in life that make you smile and warm you all over. This weekend, I had three.

The first warm fuzzy happened Saturday morning. Little Clover had a basketball game. Little Clover plays in the "Lucy and Charlie Brown League"; a league for little people who are barely bigger than the equipment. I love this league. At this age, the kids have no concept of the sport and no concept of playing to win. If they lose, they usually don't care. If they win, they usually get extra ice cream from the parents. This is the best time to watch kids play a sport. For basketball, the ball is honestly larger than their heads. They play four quarters, but each quarter last 5 minutes instead of twenty. The ref usually has to physically guide the kids to the right places to stand.

For the duration of the game, we got to watch kids running down court, holding the basketball, then remembering they have to bounce it every now and then. The ref had to stop a couple of kids from shooting into the wrong goal. Occasionally, two kids will become totally absorbed in the conversation they were having that they forgot to run down court with the rest of their teams. The kids that did score beamed with pride and joy. They usually gave a wave or a thumbs up to their parents in the bleachers. The kids don't really know positions yet, so they just kinda run around the court trying to get the ball. It was the best way to begin a Saturday, and Little Clover had a blast. He asked if he could play basketball again some time. I think we'll take him to the rest of his games.

The second warm fuzzy happened yesterday. We were lounging before Church and I told Little Clover to get ready. As he ran down to his bedroom, I went into mine to finish getting ready myself. When I walked back into the living, Little Clover was playing a video game with Italian Clover. He was wearing grey winter pants and the green acrylic sweater that I knitted for him. I almost cried. He could have picked anything to wear and he picked the one and only thing I've made for him so far. Having a child is truly amazing (and p.s. Little Clover, I promise to make you more stuff).

Finally, the third warm fuzzy: I finished the surprise birthday present!!!! I'm already planning which two or three projects I'll get back to! Bye, bye monogamy, hello, yarn!


Alucard331 said...

and the fourth warm and fuzzy moment was at petra cafe (or care if,like everyone else,thats what it looks like) cracking the worlds best jokes...cute stories...

p.s. whats with the top secret codenames

Anonymous said...

I've been told that I'm pappaclover, I didn't realize that I could respond to your blog, we all love it, you might have to call me to give me guidance as to how I can best interact with the blog, love ya'll