Thursday, March 09, 2006


We had a very exciting day yesterday!

If you look closely, you can see the gap. How about now?

Can you see it? Little Clover lost his first tooth! He has been dutifully wiggling it the last few weeks, and yesterday when I dropped him off at school, he gave me a final look at the wiggle. The tooth was desparately clinging on like Cliff Hanger from Between The Lions. I knew it wouldn't make it through the day. When I picked him up from school, he sauntered over with a grin and then gave me a full smile, proudly displaying THE GAP.

The tooth came out during snack. Italian Clover had packed hard cookies for him which did the trick! Little Clover didn't notice his tooth had fallen out, but he did notice that he was having a hard time chewing one little chunk of cookie. When he took the hard bit out, he finally realized it was his tooth! His class cheered for him, which made him beam.

The Tooth Fairy visisted last night while he slept and graciously allowed him to keep his tooth, since it was the first.


lynsey said...

i love it! what a lucky duck! and a cute smile. is his tooth loss just in time for school pictures? :)

Irish Clover said...

Unfortunately, we already had school pictures. I'm hoping he'll have at least two gaps for the next school pic.

alison said...

Awwww! It's so exciting isn't it. I've just been hugging B over and over and telling him he's such a big boy now!