Thursday, June 21, 2007

LA Sunshine

We just returned from a mini vacation, and the stress of being back is already getting to me. Work became more and more hectic in my absence, and I quickly felt the relaxation from the vacation slip away. In an effort to keep the stress from getting to me, I uploaded pictures from the vacation and sneak a peek every now and then during the day. Posting on the blog also seemed like a great way of keeping the trip fresh on my mind.

We arrived in LA (Lower Alabama) late Wednesday night, ready to storm the beach, which we did:

The boys played a rousing game of beach football as I soaked in the rays and enjoyed my beach knitting.

This is a tank top I began three years ago during my first beach trip as a knitter. It took two years for the tank to reach a length of 10 inches. Then, it took me just a few minutes to knit another two inches. Working on the large needles and the ribbon yarn took some getting used to after a year of sock knitting, but my hands slowly warmed up. Hopefully, I can move this knit from UFO status to WIP in August for the orange phase of Project Spectrum 2.0. Although having designated beach knitting is a bit fun, I'd much rather have a finished tank I can wear on my next beach trip.

When we got tired of the beach, we enjoyed the pool:

We also experienced the wildlife native to LA:

Little Clover found a few hermit crab during the day. Then, in honor of Big Papa Clover, we went hunting for crab one night. We found a crab that resembled a beetle and liked to bury itself in the sand. We also went in search of dolphins,

and found some. The pod consisted of approximately 6 dolphins, including one pup who stayed right by the mama.

Now, I'm ready for another vacation.

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