Tuesday, June 19, 2007


World Wide Knit In Public day came and went, and I had a wonderful time. I knit with a diverse group of people at a local bookstore. We meet every other week and the bookstore is extremely wonderful to us. Not only do they let us take up space, but they also let us use a very comfy sofa. They hosted us for WWKIP and we had a decent crew show up. Not only did we have a group of regulars from our Thursday knit-ups, but we also had quite a few never before seen knitters. Hopefully, the knit-up group will expand.

During WWKIP, I did knit, then frogged, then knit, then frogged, then knit on a Lotus Blossom tank from Interweave Knits. I finally got the cast on just right and knitted away for a bit. Later that day, I pulled out the Lotus Blossom tank and frogged it again because I missed a stitch somewhere. I then began casting on again. Since the tank called for casting on 200 stitches, I had set aside stitches to segment the cast on into 50 stitche sections. I wrongly assumed counting to 50 would be much easier. I discovered I can count to 50 without a problem, but I can't count to 4. Instead I keep on counting to 8. Yep, I was casting on over 400 stitches. I casted on over 400 stitches 6 times! After a week, I completed exactly 5 rows of the Lotus Blossom tank. I hope I love this sweater when it's done.

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