Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why I love Donald Sobel

I discovered last week while traveling for Thanksgiving that I greatly underestimated the power of Encyclopedia Brown. We had a 3 hour drive ahead of us Wednesday evening, and being an experienced traveling mom, I grabbed the travel activity bag to ensure it was well stocked. In the bag, I keep some activity books, crayons, a pen, a pencil, a comic book, car appropriate games, a portable dvd player, a case of dvds, and snacks. Everything looked fine so I only added the Encyclopedia Brown Little Clover was currently reading. We hit the road Wednesday evening fueled with coffee and began our journey.

Once we hit the interstate, Little Clover turned on his light and asked if we would like to listen to him read. He then proceeded to read and finish the one book I packed that was intended to last the entire Thanksgiving holiday. So, what did we do? We pulled off the interstate for a detour and found a bookstore.

Once we refreshed his supply of books, we piled back into the car and continued on with the rest or our Thanksgiving tradition of food, bonfires, and paintball.

The food part with family is always a fun experience and this year was no exception. The food continues the day after with a bonfire in the woods of Tennessee, which is also when the paintballing begins. As odd as the whole thing sounds, we have a wonderful time. The teams are split between the older generation and the younger cousins. Before you feel sorry for the older group, I think you should know they include former and current military personnel. They can hold their own.

Before we headed back home, I got to see a memory be made. My dad and my son took out the canoe together and paddled across the lake. Little Clover was thrilled with being in a canoe and even more excited about paddling. I was thrilled with watching the two of them beaming with happiness.

As for the furnace saga, the furnace and I just could not come to terms. I wanted to keep the house, so the furnace left. We found a replacement and are enjoying the new relationship.


paula said...

Glad you had a good thanksgiving. Its amazing how if you find a book that they are interested how much they will .

gwensmom said...

I used to LOVE Encyclopedia Brown! I felt so smart when I could figure out the mysteries.

Marianne said...

You are a wonderful, kind person; the internet is a glorious thing; Google is my friend.

Completely unrelated to this post of yours, but it needed to be said. While googling "spit splicing alpaca silk", I came across your post of 2 August 2006 about splicing debbie bliss alpaca silk. I'm currently using this yarn for a cardigan and I just came to the end of my first ball of yarn.

I didn't think you'd get the message if I left a comment on a post that's almost a year and a half old. :) Does Blogger send you comment notifications? No idea.

Thanks! :)

Irish Clover said...

Hey Marianne!

Thanks for your sweet comment! Blogger does send an email notification for all new comments, even if it is on a post a year old :) I'm glad the post helped you out. What are you knitting?

Marianne said...

I'm working on a scarf-cardi in red alpaca silk. My office is freezing, so I think it will be a good addition to my arsenal of winter wear. I bought the yarn and the pattern in a shop in Oxford - I wish the pattern was online because I'd highly recommend it. :)

I'll post it on ravelry when I'm done - in fact, the WIP is already there. :) I'm mariannesque, if you're on ravelry.

Thanks again. :)