Wednesday, November 07, 2007

One Week

What happens when you don't blog for a week? You finish a sweater:

Pattern: Sahara
Yarn: Tilli Thomas Pure and Simple and Disco Lights
Size: Medium
Notes: I hate the yarn. Really, I do. It is a beautiful yarn, but it pills while knitting and the Disco Lights skein had five knots. Yep, five annoying troublesome knots. There is no way I would buy Tilli Thomas again, and I can't recommend it. Other than the horrid yarn, I really like the sweater. It fits nicely and is very flattering. Italian loves it. It is not a difficult knit at all. The shaping is easy to do. The only modification I made was to shorten the length by 2 inches at the hem.


gwensmom said...

Well it is beautiful despite the crappy yarn!

amber c. said...


paula said...

It is beautiful

stillwater said...

yea! The yarn of endless tangles and knots is no more. It has been defeated in the name of persistent knitting.

oh, and the top/sweater looks gorgeous. Glad it all worked out.