Monday, February 25, 2008

Free Shipping

These two words when placed next to each other strike fear into the hearts of knitter's spouses. These words can turn a $2 order into a $50 order, just so the knitter can avoid the $4 shipping charge. I recently fell victim to the siren call of "free shipping" when I eagerly visited the KnitPick website to buy needle markers, which cost $2.95.

While on the site, I thought I'd order a WPI tool as well. Then I meandered to the books and found they had great prices on two books I had been eying. Before I knew it, I was quickly approaching the free shipping mark, so I added the books and a yarn estimation chart and swiped my card. Free shipping was completely worth it.

The needle markers are now happily in a DellaQ silk bag marking my Denise Interchangeable needles. The Denise needles have the sizes marked directly on the needles (in teeny tiny print), so I never planned on using them while I knit. Instead, I tossed out the Denise box, used the flexible coil needle holders to keep the needle pairs together, then added the needle markers. Now, I can easily carry my Denise set with me, even in a tightly crammed bag, and I can quickly find the needles I need.

Seeing the pictures together clarifies just how dorky I am. The color coordination between the bag, the needle markers, and the coil holders was completely accidental. So, I am naturally high maintenance and particular, even when I don't try to be.

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