Friday, May 09, 2008

Put a sock in it

Today, I present socks:
I think these socks took the longest to knit, but I blame the long knitting time to having to knit the first sock twice. Now that they are complete, we are in full sandal season down South. They will be tucked into a drawer, ready for the first cold snap sometime in November. I still love them.

Pattern: Uptown Boot Sock from Interweave Knits Favorite Socks book

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multi

Needles: US Size 1, mm

Gauge: 9 stitches to the inch

Size: Made for a US size 7.5 woman's shoes

Notes: I only casts on 56 stitches instead of the recommended 64 stitches. I did increase back to 64 stitches after knitting the cuff for the cabled socks. I also decreased to 12 stitches at the toe instead of the 4 recommended in the pattern.

After casting off the socks, I contemplated what to knit next. I could start another pair of socks, but I have this little sock knitting class this weekend with Lucy Neatby (hee, hee, I am brimming with excitement). For my non-knitting readers, imagine taking a class with an industry pioneer and expert from your field of interest. My weekend is going to be really incredible.

I decided I didn't want to knit socks since I might be inspired by the class and want to cast on something related to what I learned, so I'm knitting a little baby hat for a co-worker instead.

I still want to practice my fair isle. My stitches just pull in more than I like. If I ever want to tackle a stranded sweater, I want my technique to be impeccable. The pattern is from Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding, knit with cotton from Rowan and Patons. Instead of doubling the strands as the pattern suggests, I kept single strands and only casts on 72 stitches. The hat was a huge hit at the shower. The mom and dad to be both loved it.

p.s. My orchid finally bloomed again after 2 years!


Diane Thornton said...

Suzie, I feel for you! I too finished a pair of wool socks and despite them being super soft and comfy, I could only manage to wear them half the day yesterday. The temperatures are just soaring, but I can't stop knitting socks. Will I be forced to knit more cotton/blend tabi socks? Will I be strong?
Sorry I'm missing the Neatby sock thing etc. I rely on you for excellent (as always) information!

irishmama said...

the socks look great, I love the colors.