Monday, October 20, 2008


Me: Hey, kiddo, how was the book fair at school?
LC: Great! They had lots of books and neat stuff.
Me: Did you get what you wanted?
LC: Kinda. They were out of red soccer pens, so I got an orange one and I'll just pretend that it was red and faded. I did get little iPod ear thingies.
Me: Oh, I quite like those.
LC: They were out of $100 bill erasers, so I got two fifties.
(This is the point were I choke on the laugh that almost escaped my lips.)

It has been a week of flashbacks for us at Clover Field. First, sock weather has finally hit the Delta and I was thrilled to be wearing my once again complete Widdershins. I'm not sure how many times I wore them before I lost a sock, but with some luck, this time they'll stick around as a pair a little bit longer. Knitting a third sock was actually good for me. I gained a much, much better grasp on the construction of a toe-up heel flap sock and could knit another pair with more confidence and a better understanding. I don't want to knit three socks all the time, but every once in a while doesn't seen too bad.

From Irish Clover

In addition to the Widdershin flashback, I'm still chugging away at my second attempt at Green Gables. Even though I am only knitting one size up, which should be a difference of two inches, this Green Gables is close to eight inches more in circumference and requires one more entire ball of yarn than my first attempt. I held it up against me last night and it does look like it will be a much better fit. Little Clover looked at me and said, "Mama, you need to keep knitting. That won't even cover your belly." I'll take his advice and work on it for another night or two.

From Irish Clover

The week wasn't limited to just knitting flashbacks, but also to a personal one. My college roommate came into town to attend one of our professor's jubilee celebration for his 50 years as part of a religious order. He was our theatre professor, so a few other former cast members were also present. Professors we hadn't seen in ten years still new our names and greeted us with warmth. We had a chance to catch up and reminisce, talking about our old plays and performances. Then, we had the luxury of seeing our old performance space, recently renovated. A new floor had been installed and some new drapes and panelling were added. The seating space was improved, but the stage still brought back a wealth of memories. Finally, when it was obvious we had been there long enough, we posed for one last cast photo.

From Irish Clover

Who knows if I'll ever act again, but I can smile knowing I have a few years of enjoying Little Clover's performances and the memory of a very cute guy who brought out the actor in me (yep, that's Italian in the photo).


MemphisArtGirl said...

Did you and "college roommate" dress alike on purpose? I would not put it past thet wo of you :)

foxycpa said...

She actually wanted to wear a pink sweater, but seeing as my wardrobe was limited, I won that one!