Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I love being a mom. I really do. I knew I would enjoy it, but I love it. I've been having some very rough days at work and I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Little Clover at his school on Friday. That single hour was restorative and washed away the stress I had accumulated throughout the work week. It was his annual school picnic, and this year, his school decided to have it at the park across the street instead of on the campus. They booked a deejay who played an awesome mix of tunes, and I spent my lunch hour watching Little Clover and his classmates dance away to the songs. It was bliss. His school does a lot of little things like this and has a strong policy of encouraging parents to be involved in activities. Parents are on campus every day of the school year and we know each other and our children. I've know Little Clover's classmates since they were four years old and seeing them all grow up has been an amazing experience. With most of the boys, I know I'll have the pleasure of seeing them age to the age of 18. To me, this will be remarkable, and I've loved every minute of it.

After the festivities of the day, we decided to head to a Memphis Redbirds game, yet another hidden gem of our fair City. The game was a blast. I honestly can't tell you who won, but I know the seats were cheap, we had a wonderful time, and the BBQ nachos were fantastic as usual.
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After most of the home games, a local band will play as people leave the stadium. Friday night, the Memphis Rascals regaled us with covers of Michael Jackson's Beat It, Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama (a family favorite), and other throwbacks as well as their own original tunes.
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The funny thing is, most of the covers they played were songs that came out before they were born. The kids in this band could not be older than 16. I give them 16 because someone had to drive downtown to the stadium. The drummer had braces for goodness sakes! The kids totally rocked though. Little Clover had an awesome watching the band and dancing, and I enjoyed watching little Hawaiian shirt dude shirt rock out as well.
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From 2009 Finished Objects

In the midst of all the activities, I did finish a Lush and Lacy sweater (sans buttons). I do plan on getting a set of buttons for the sweater, but I do love it very much. One of the best things about this sweater is that it took 16 days for me to knit it. Granted, I had about 3 inches of it started before I picked it up again, but seriously! 16 days, people! That is one seriously quick knit. I love the pockets, too.
From 2009 Finished Objects

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (love it!)
Needles: Denise interchangeable size 10

Oh, I also took a weaving class. I'm not sure how I feel about weaving. I enjoyed the class immensely, but, I think my sewing skills should be developed more before I really get into weaving. I did have fun though.
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Finally, we spent the evening with poetry tonight. In honor of National Poetry Month, I asked Little Clover to read some Shel Silverstein poems out loud tonight. Not only did he read a couple of poems, but he read a lot of poems, with feeling. We were rolling with laughter and amusement! At one point, Italian turned to me and said, "All he needs is a beret and a cup of coffee." He was completely right. I've never experienced such performance art as I did tonight. My jock, athletic son definitely has an artist within him! I'll listen to him read poetry anytime.

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