Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You know you are a knitter when

Someone draws back the cover on a baby stroller and the first thing you say is "Oh! What a beautiful blanket!"

The parents of the baby took it all in stride and told me they would let the knitter of the blanket know how much I liked it. Truly, y'all. This blanket had beautiful stitch definition and was a lovely basket stitch pattern with a loose rib edging. Oh, the baby was pretty darn cute, too! He had a lovely round face with pinchable cheeks. We all had a good laugh at my instant fondness of the blanket.

I did not have knitting on my mind this past weekend celebrating my anniversary. Gwensmom asked if there would be a milestone anniversary sweater, and although I have a sweater planned for Italian, there was no sweater this weekend. When Italian saw the teeny tiny box holding his present, he asked right away if he was going to get a sweater at all. He seemed a bit disappointed when I told him no, but his disappointment quickly disappeared when he opened his present, an iTouch with a "mix tape" style playlist containing some special songs, and a little surprise movie outlining his actual present - a fly fishing trip to Colorado. He loved his present, even though it was knitting.

I was equally elated with my present, and it was knitting either. Italian surprised me with a new beautiful ring. He went to a local jewelry store because they were very nice when all I wanted were a few links removed from my watch. He walked in and asked for a setting that was "antique-y." From there, he picked out a lovely setting and the most beautiful center stone all by himself, putting together a ring I absolutely adore. He did a very good job. I'll keep him.

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Diane said...

Congratulations to both of you! Now, photos please!!!