Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This past year, I found my boundaries. We all have limits, and my limits hit me square across the face in a not to gentle smackdown. The flossing incident was only one small incident. Granted, lots of very happy memories will be stored as an outcome of crashing into my limits. I had the joy of watching Little Clover score three amazing touchdowns in one single football game. I've watched him start to manage his own school workload and the bumps that have come along the way as he learns that the best way to study for a test is not to memorize the answers on the study sheet in the order as they appear on the study sheet. We've attended school functions, watched him sing a stellar solo, and whisked away for a few out of town trips.

I discovered I love writing when I participated in NaNoWriMo, and although I didn't win, I wrote more words than I ever had and loved it. It proved that I did have the capacity to write and although I wrote 30,000 words of utter crap, I wrote at least 100 words (not necessarily consecutively) that are brillant! Our little family got into it together with Little Clover beginning his own novel and Italian throwing writing challenges my way. I also discovered my natural Korean accent coming back. When I say "hello," other native Korean speakers answer me back and continue talking! One day, I will know what they are saying to me and not run away in dead panic.

And I knitted. I can knit Christmas gifts in a time crunch, but I can't mail out Christmas cards at the same time. I can knit for other people solely for three months, but you can be darn sure that the first thing I knit for myself again will come off my needles still smoking from the heat of my fast needles. I'm still a little worn out from the collison with the boundaries in my life, but slowly, I'm refueling, and lots of yarn is involved (but no floss).

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