Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What was I thinking

I am that mom, the one that doesn't realize how something may not be a good idea until she's already committed. For Little Clover's birthday, we agreed to have a birthday party with his friends. He was allowed to invite 10 friends to his party. He invited girls and boys. We agreed to let him have the part at the barn with the horses, then take the kids swimming, finally ending with a Nerf gun battle. Yep, he had a co-ed party involving wild animals, carpooling from place to place, bathing suits, and weaponry. And it never occurred to me that there would be anything wrong with it. Fortunately, all the kids had a wonderful time and we sent them home in one piece. What was super cute was how the girls and boys didn't exactly mingle but coexisted during the party, and the boys arrived with cowboy hats. It's also amusing to me how co-ed parties are completely normal when they are little, then fall out of favor sometime around the third grade, only to become a big deal in middle school. If you get invited to my kid's party, I may not be fully with it, but trust me, your kids are safe and they'll have a good time.

From Irish Clover

Some of the party guests

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infiKnitGirl said...

saw these socks on a blog I follow and thought you might be interested in the pattern. I can totally see you wearing these!