Monday, June 20, 2011

Going to Camp

What does a busy mom on a yarn diet with an active family and a job outside of the home need? Why one more thing to do of course, especially if it involves buying yarn! I'm heading to camp, but not any camp, I'm "packing up" for Camp Loopy, a virtual knitting camp. I dashed off to Cabin 3 with all the other night owls. My bag is bursting with my yarn, and I've casted on for Catkin, a lovely little shawl I hope to take to on vacation later this summer. The other campers are a chatty bunch, swapping recipes, showing off their projects and yarns, and overall, keeping everyone intertained. One camper even started a little campfire and posted a picture of us to huddle around.

I've never joined a knitalong quite like this before. In fact, I've only been part of a swap once, and loved the experience. The best part of the swap, and what I think will be the best part of Camp Loopy, was the flexibility to knit on a project of my choosing while still being part of a larger collective experience. My cabinmates as well as my pattern mates with keep this camp exciting, and we don't have to worry about bug bites or poison ivy.

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Kristi Forman said...

but how do you chat if you are knitting? Do you skype?