Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two different camps

Summer camp is in full swing for both Clover and me. He's in his second week of Zoo Camp and even though the zoo is in the heart of the city, he's had plenty of wildlife encounters.

He's fed hippos and played with iguanas. A trantula walked across his hand. An eagle came to visit, as well as a host of other animals. Despite not really knowing anyone else at camp, he's plunged in everyday ready for a new adventure and missing his camp friends from the previous week.

My camp experience has been wildlife free, but I'm having a blast! Cabin 3 is a chatty and friendly bunch. Being the late night cabin, we chat almost all hours of the day. I've got a bunkmate from Washington state, and other campers post drinks and recipes. Virtual camping has also been full of pranksters sneaking into our cabin and announcing the prank they've just launched. We've had our shoes shuffled as well as a few other camping pranks. The campers post lovely pictures of their works in progress and even with everything else going on, I've knitted a decent amount on my campfire shawl.

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peliculas21 said...

Interesting and really well written! Most blogs on the web are not that simple and good like this one.

Irish Clover said...

Thank you for the kind comments! I hope you enjoy the blog.