Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Friday, June 29, was Papa Clover's birthday. As a daughter, I adore my father. He can fix anything, he can do anything, and he is one of the best guys out there, ever. He is the man I compared all potential mates to, and he will always have a very special place in my heart and in my life. As an adult, I love the friendship I have with my dad. We listen to some of the same bands and we share some of the same interest. He instilled in me a love of the outdoors and taught me how to row a canoe. One day, I will go to a concert with my dad. I think that would be a hoot! He is also a treasured grandfather to Little Clover. They have their special games and their special rituals. In a nutshell, I love you, Dad! Happy (belated) birthday.

I occasionally reread my posts to see how I can improve as a blogger and a writer. I find I have a few snoozers of posts out there and I try pick apart those posts and see what could make them more exciting to read. I personally find the "Leaving on a Jet plane" post rather dull and was going through each paragraph until I hit the "my company has a yarn closet" bit. The fact of a yarn closet existing in an office is just astounding to me. My company, aside from Project Warm Hearts, does nothing with fashion, textiles, or needle crafts, yet, there is a yarn closet. Wow! I loved my job and company before, but this is a huge bonus! If my days get too stressful, I can send a little email with the subject "Need Yarn!" and I'll have a skein within a day or two. How can life be bad if yarn is so accessible?

I did leave Minneapolis with a couple of balls of cotton. I'm researching double knitting and am jotting out a little swirly pattern.

The colors are brighter than I would normally choose, but these knits will be returning to the wild, and will hopefully brighten someone who is in need of some human kindness. I'll profile the recipient charities in a few posts.

I did finish another hat and will be shipping it to Minneapolis.

The pattern is from Knitty and I intended it to be for Little Clover. Unfortunately, my perception on his size is slightly skewed. He's a lot bigger than I want to admit. He's so big, he's out of town without me in Chicago. He is supervised (he's not that big yet), but he's still traveling without either of his parents. I've had a difficult time with this. Granted, I've enjoyed the new grown-up time with Italian. We've had quite a bit of fun and are trying to take advantage of the situation by eating fancy food and playing really tennis games, but I still miss Little Clover immensely. He even lost a tooth while in Chicago and I missed it (and the rate for a tooth in Chicago is way higher than the going rate in Tennessee. I may need to have a conversation with the Chicago Tooth Fairy). I think I'll distract myself from the lack of kids in my life and make a reservation to someplace hip and funky.

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