Monday, July 16, 2007

Who will buy

Me: How does this look?
LC: Um, it looks fine.
Me: Come on, you didn't even look.
LC: Well, that pink shirt with the yellow shirt looks fine, but jeans to work, Mom?
Me: I have an out of uniform day.
LC: Oh, well then it looks good.

At a nice young tender age, Little Clover has learned the importance of appropriate dress. I feel like we have hit a milestone. I can now tell him his selection in clothing does not match the occasion and he will understand. Yay! Of course, he may now argue the validity of meeting societal standards, but I think I have a few years before he can come up with really good arguing points.

Hopefully, I can soon add two new additions to my own wardrobe.

The Lotus Blossom Tank is slowly growing. I just finished one complete lace pattern repeat which is a huge hurdle for me. I have found when I knit lace, the first full set of row repeats is always rather arduous. It is slow and cumbersome and I'm pretty much knitting blind. Sure I generally have a picture or a chart to reference, but I prefer reading my actual knitting. After finish the first set of rows, knitting the lace becomes simpler and I have a tendency to knit faster. I can find mistakes easily before I knit too far along and I pick up the rhythm of the lace and can memorize the pattern. Does anyone feel the same way?

I've also been trucking along on the Fancy Silk Stockings made out of wool. These are more socks than stockings, but I think they will be lovely peeking out from under my jeans.

(How do you guys take pictures of your socks in progress? I always feel a bit silly taking pictures of my feet with a partially knitted sock.)

As for the "Who will buy" portion of the blog, I have a bag I would like to send off to a new home.

It is a lovely Offhand Design Zelda Tote that is a year old. A new one retails for $180, so I am asking $80 plus actual shipping. It has 8 side pockets in the main compartment and three internal pockets in the side compartment. The tote can hold several balls of yarn, a knitting book, a knitting magazine, and necessary knitting sundries. The tote has served me well in the last year, so much so, I want another one. I'm sending this one off into the wild simply because I found one I like a bit better. If you are interested, please email me at irishcloveratgmaildotcom with "Zelda Tote" in the subject line. The first person to respond will be the lucky owner. It also makes a great bag for things other than knitting (such as a baby bag) and it comes from a smoke free home.

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foxycpa said...

"Who will buy my sweet red roses? Two blooms for a penny."

I have been singing that for two days in a row now! But that's ok you know how I like to sing songs from musicals!

I can't believe how big and old LC is getting. I still like to think he's 4.