Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching up

I knew this past week would be hectic and busy, but I didn't realize it would vanish like Socks That Rock at a fiber festival. Before I knew what was happening, the week was gone and I had failed to blog yet again. I'll do my best then to catch you up on the week's happenings at Clover Field.

We ended last week and began this week with an Easter celebration. Mrs. Soprano and Xavier Guy made the trek with us to Papa and Nana Clover's and after a restful evening, we headed out to a hockey game. The sock enjoyed the game.

Poor Little Clover was a bit conflicted. We were afterall in our state's home stadium, but the Preds were battling the Blackhawk's and his loyalty to all things Chicago was at stake. He bravely wore his Blackhawk's jersey to the game, but still got a Predator's facepainting.

After the game, we relaxed even more and enjoyed the time with both families. I miss not being able to see my extended family, but I do truly appreciate the time whenever I do get it, and holidays are a wonderful time to be together. A decent amount of the many aunts and uncles congregated at my grandmother's for Easter lunch. Little Clover enjoyed an egg hunt with his cousins and Papa Clover and Italian bonded while changing my tire. A curb had jumped out and viciously attacked my tire while I was driving, managing to slice a bit gash into the car footwear. You really need to watch out for curbs. They can be pretty vicious at times.

My trouble with footwear didn't end there. While making the long drive home, Italian drove and I knitted. Then, I knitted some more. After knitting even more:

I tried on the sock. The sweet lovely looking sock who I had treated to a hockey game betrayed me by being too small. I couldn't get it past my heel. I ripped the difiant sock back to the ribbing, which did fit, added one more repeat of the pattern, and began knitting again. After another week, I am now at the same place I was last Sunday. At least the colors are still pretty.

I could have been further along if I had more time to knit. This week was Spring Break for Little Clover and I took some time off to spend it with him. I promised him my full attention, meaning no chores and little knitting, but it was worth the piles of laundry and dirty dishes. We spent the majority of our time playing carpet hockey and then we squeezed in a trip to the zoo.

I'm stealing as many moments as I can before he grows up. It's happening much faster than I could have ever anticipated.


MommyRussian said...

I encounter those jumping curbs too! They sure do jump out fast!

Diane Thornton said...

I had a sock go awol on me a few weeks ago too. Rats. As always, i'm 2 at a time toe up. Ripped them all the way back to the toes! YIPES.
You are wise to make time for your child, exclusively. That investment pays off!
Hope to catch up in person soon.