Monday, March 10, 2008


The talk of snow turned into snow, and not just the typical southern dusting of an inch or less; we had a real, full, ankle to shin deep snow and it was beautiful. The excitement began Friday, when Little Clover's school closed 2 hours early. I left work to pick him up and Italian joined us shortly afterwards. Once at home, we waited and waited and waited for the snow to fall. Honestly, I thought all the warnings would not amount to anything, but I was glad to be home a bit early on a Friday.

Then, it happened. Little white balls of sleet began falling and covering the ground. The sleet began to soften into small flakes of snow and sleet, and then it changed once more to just snow. After another hour, the ground had a nice little layer of white and enough snow lay on the ground to have

A snowball fight! By this time, we were all suited up and outside, enjoying our annual snow day. We caught snowflakes on our tongue, we caught snowflakes in our gloves. I had snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes, and my socks.

Finally, after having snow in our hair, down our backs, and in our gloves, we clammered back inside and built a fire. The snow continued to fall through most of the night, and I had the joy of sitting in our dark drunken reading room, watching the snow fall on the quite street. It was bliss.

When we awoke the next day, the snow had grown on the ground.
The azaleas I had just planted five days ago were covered in a heavy blanket of white.

We built the obligatory snowman, the mark of a house with children, and continued our snowball fight from the day before. Who knows when the next annual snow day will happen. All I know is that we will enjoy it just as much if not more than this one.

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MommyRussian said...

How beautiful!!!! We got about 2" here in the deep South.