Friday, March 07, 2008

The weather outside

After leaving the snow in Minneapolis, I wore short sleeve tees and capris this weekend in the nearly 70F weather. I planted azaleas and trimmed my rose bushes. I continued knitting up the wool socks for Little Clover and a wool Dale of Norway hat for California Girl's new daughter and found my mind wondering to projects made of silk and linen; light airy knitted tanks and skirts. Of course, Mother Nature quickly put me back in my rightful place by smacking me down with sleet, freezing rain, and talk of snow. I guess I'll stick to the wool.

The wool at least includes several skeins of Baby Ull in bright cheerful colors, such as Spring Green and Sunny Yellow. In addition, this jaunty little hat sports miniature ladybugs who peek out on the brim. I like this little hat. It makes me smile and reminds me spring will be here soon enough, not matter how moody Mother Nature gets this time of year. The original pattern calls for bright yellow pom pom on top, but I decided to decrease my stitches and top the hat with a yellow I-cord bow. I hope the new baby wears it with grace and style.

And in case you think the wool socks might dampen my spring fever, think again. These little socks are in the Knit Picks Memories colorway called Fly Fishing, which just happens to be one of my favorite springtime activities. They are for my little guy who impresses me more and more. I know every mother things her child is the best at everything and is wonderful. I'm no different than these other mothers. I of course think Little Clover is amazing, I just happen to be right.

This weekend, I watched him bully kids a head and a half taller and 40 pounds heavier on the basketball court. He held his own against kids who towered over him, setting up picks to clear the path for his teammates to score. His spunk and confidence is a joy to watch, in addition to his good sportsmanship. I don't know how I lucked out having such an incredible kid, but I will shower him with gifts of woolen goodness, especially socks (he has little skinny feet).

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paula said...

The hat is gorgeous, I love the colors