Thursday, June 26, 2008


How odd is it to find joy in something as simple as yarn? This yarn in particular makes me really happy. The yellow and blue and green just makes my heart smile. I love the blue heels and the blue toes. I love the texture, and I love the squishiness of it. It may be just yarn. Some people may say it's just a sock. But to me, it is a tiny piece of happiness that starts at my toes and works it's way up to a smile.

Pattern: Retro Ribbed Socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn: That Swell Yarn Shop Sock Duets in Spring Glen (love it!)
Needles: KnitPicks metal DPNs in a size 0 (not so loving it, they are heavy)
Notes: I love the yarn in all it's squooshiness and the pattern was super easy to remember. I think the rib works well with the varigated yarn, too. The only changes I made were to knit the legs shorter than the pattern recommends and to change the toe box so it isn't so pointy. I'm looking forward to wearing these socks.


Jolynn said...

It's good to find pleasure in the simple things! I love the colors. The blue looks great on the heels and toes.


endmost reckonings said...

once again, i'm impressed by your prolific-ness!

MSbeckey said...

Nice socks! I love the blue heels and toes! They would make me smile, too.