Friday, June 20, 2008

Wandering aimlessly

Do you ever feel as if you've lost your compass and are just wandering about in a forest or bobbing around in an open sea? I've had this feeling for the last couple of weeks, waiting for the water to overcome me or for the forest to grow more and more overgrown and impenetrable. No matter how busy things are, I seldom ever feel this lost. Then I realized yesterday why I had this feeling, this lack of center in my life. I didn't have a solid long term knitting project on the needles.

Instead, I have been trying things out with my bamboo (some people my call this "swatching" except I was doing it on a large scale, think sweaters and shawls). I'd knit something, then rip it out, then knit something else, then rip it out, and this process was beginning to take a toll. I needed a project. I had to have something stable on the needles, something that would take a month or so to finish, something that would be relatively constant amidst the craziness of work and home, and evidently, something red.

I've made amends with the red lace weight silk. I'm ready to turn this formerly tangled and knotted mess into a controlled knotted lace shawl. In addition, I've casted on for the Shaped Lace Tee from Knitting Lingerie Style. I've found my compass and am know enjoying the forest scenery.

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