Saturday, August 23, 2008

Always with me

No pictures today, but just a few thoughts. Little Clover and I talked a bit about my mom. Today is the anniversary of her death, and he asked me if I miss her. I told him that I do miss her. He also asked if I ever forget her. I asked him what he meant and he asked if I ever not think about her. This was an interesting question to me because it made me wonder how much I'm on his mind. I told him that yes, sometimes I don't think about her, but I still love her and she's always in my heart, and with each passing year, I'm less and less sad on this day. We kept our tradition of eating Korean today and made a toast to her. Little Clover and I talked about her while eating ice cream on a beautiful sunny day. I saw her in every patch of clover I passed and a small sprinkling of rain brought thoughts of rainbows. Even though today is a reminder she is gone, she's always present. I miss you, Mom.

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lkmemphis said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I'm sure your mother is looking upon you and your life with much happiness and pride.