Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today's post will be a compilation of random thougths.

First random thought:
As Fay rains down on the Sunshine State of Florida, the weather she brings is slowing making it's way north and has hit the Delta. The days have been gray and cool with lots of rain and small occasional pockets of sunshine. To cope, I have a secret weapon at work. My work office is located across the street from the main building where they keep the Starbucks. I love having a cup of coffee in the afternoon, but the rain hinders my desire to run across the street, so I keep coffee at my desk and this:

A nice mini French press. It is a lifesaver. I've had it for a few months and bought it on pressured impulse. I say "pressured impulse" because I loved it the moment I saw it but wouldn't buy it because I didn't need it. After staring it during multiple visits to the local Starbucks, Italian finally told me to just go ahead and buy the damn thing. I'm glad he did! I've used it several times at work and it's been a great little pick me on gray days. It's even been a little pick me up for coworkers who have stopped by for a much needed break.

Where the mini French press has helped me cope at work, my knitting has often been a coping mechanism outside of work. The watermelon socks helped me cope with long lines at Disney and the Shaped Tee helped with the flight. Sometimes, though, the knitting backfires, like when you realize the armhole shaping in the Shaped Tee is just too deep and really needs to be ripped out and reknitted, which is what I did.

I may have lost some progress, but at least the shirt should fit a bit better when it is finally finished. As for finishing, I did finish the front, as well as a pair of socks.

Pattern: Diagonal Cross Rib from Favorite Socks
Needles: Knit Picks US size 0 (which I still do not like because of the weight.
Yarn: Custom dyed sock yarn in the colorway Watermelon
Notes: This yarn has gotten the most comments from people, both knitters and no-knitters. It's fun to knit because the yarn is just too cute and looks like watermelons. It also reminds people of Christmas. The pattern is quite easy to follow and makes a nice comfy sock. The pattern works well with striping yarn as well.

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Diane said...

Great socks, of course. I like that stitch pattern too and for a bit thought I'd like to knit all my socks in it! It works great in solid colors because it shows the simple vertical lines. I've been missing you. Just catching up on your blog.