Friday, August 01, 2008

Three years later

I wasn't completely useless while Little Clover was gone. My spinning flourished and is becoming more consistent. There is still room for improvement, but I'm becoming happier with my singles. I also finally finished a tank top I began three years ago. I have no idea if I'll ever wear it, but I'm glad to finally have the project finished.

Why did it take three years to finish a tank top? Because I only knit it when I was at a beach. It began as a beach project three summers ago, when I had just picked up the needles again. The yarn was a synthetic ribbon and seemed perfectly capable of enduring sand, sun, and water. I casted on a few weeks before the trip so I would be in a good spot for knitting in the car, which I did. I knitted on the beach. I knitted on the ride home. Looking back, I must have been a very slow knitter back then. I packed away the project, not knowing the term "UFO" at the time, until a year later, when we went back to the beach. Out came the tank again, and away it went when we arrived home. I repeated this for two more trips to sandy areas, having expanded my definition of "the beach" and finally finished the knitting part on our last trip to the cabin. All that was left was the seam of two straps and the weaving of ends. Now, it's really ready for a beach trip.

Pattern: Ribbon X back tank Knitty from Spring 20005
Yarn: Tahki Stacy Lily Ribbon yarn
Notes: Overall, the pattern is super easy and very easy to put down and pick up at random.

Now, I'm focused on finishing up one more top before summer's end.

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MommyRussian said...

Those are both breath-taking! You have such a talent.