Monday, March 30, 2009

All work and no play

leads to one very scary winter break if you are with someone named Johnny in the middle of Colorado. It can also result in a very grumpy stressed out snappy knitter who is too tired to knit sometimes. My team has been rushing towards a deadline at work and I've had my fair share of meetings and training coursework to keep me hopping from one day to another without having any real idea what day of the week it was. After three weeks of "asses and elbows" at work, I finally schedule a lunch out of the office with a coworker. We took the opportunity to have some sushi while another lunch buddy coworker was out of town since she prefers to have her food fully cooked.

That lunch on Wednesday was just down right fun. We joked and laughed and blow off some steam and I got back to the office feeling a lot less stressed and all round happier, so happy in fact, Italian commented on how he could tell I was unwinding at home because I was getting hyper. I let Little Clover stay up late indulging in his latest obsession:
From Irish Clover

Clue: The movie and the latest Clue board game, Clue: Mysteries.

The fun continued Thursday when Italian took Little Clover to basketball practice and I got to go to my LYS knit night. There were moments when I laughed hard enough to cause my cheeks to ache. I love my LYS for many, many reasons and knitting on Thursdays is just one of those. These ladies are amazing and cover a wide range of people, but boy do we have some good times. Plus, I'm making awesome progress on my Noro sweater. Behold! More than half a sleeve!
From WIPs

Friday, we kept the fun going by lounging in the streets with our neighbors. We have neighbors who are close to our ages, on similar career tracks, and who have similar interest. I supplied the six pack as we talked outside in one of the yards while our kids played. I feel very fortunate to have this type of suburban life. Unfortunately, I wasn't cooking up the dinner for our friends who were coming by that night. Hopefully, the didn't mind the delay. It gave me extra time to spend with them.

Saturday, Italian and I treated Little Clover to Magic Tree House the Musical. I love little people theatre! The excited is stunningly palpable and the buzzing as the lights dim is just adorable. These kids were excited to be at the show and the performance did not disappoint them. Little Clover had a ball and afterwards, we headed to the Kooky Kanuck for dinner and S'mores.

Finally, Sunday, Italian brought me doughnuts from a great little local pastry shop, Oh! Susannah's! I'm so not telling you what my favorite pastry of their's is because they go quick and I want more for me.
From Irish Clover

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