Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh how I've missed it

For the last few weeks, nay, months, I've been sock less, and not just because it is a Delta summer. I've been knitting on many other things. I've knitted 6 sweaters (Noro Sweater, Little Green Shrug, Little Diamond Pullover, Luscious, and Undulating Cables). I like knitting sweaters. Heck, I love wearing sweaters and seeing others wear the sweaters I've made. But oh, I have missed knitting socks. They're fast and squishy and yummy and I'm bouncing with enthusiasm to have socks on my needles again.

From WIPs

I'm also loving the yarn. Having Trekking slide through my fingers brings back many happy memories of previous sock knitting experiences. The colorway doesn't look like most Trekking colorways with long swaths of color. Instead, it has much shorter color repeats. I opted for a slip stitch pattern, basically, the Aquaphobia pattern, but without the cables along the sides. When looking at the leg versus the foot, I'm amazed at the impact the slip stitch pattern has in breaking up the color. I love the socks even more, and when I slipped it on my foot. It fit like a glass slipper.

So know, I'm wonder if I really love knitting socks, why am I going to leave them again, at home, while I fly away to Colorado, to knit a scarf.

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