Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Another year has passed at Clover Field and a new one is greeting us ready to be filled to capacity. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a slower passed year, but as Clover gets older (yes, it's time), the year seems to get busier and busier, try as we do to simplify it.

To close out 2010, here is a quick run through of the last few weeks of the year.

Italian got a new hat. Mrs. Soprano loved it she almost stole it. She relenquished the hat when I promised she will get one of her own. The pattern is Claudia, on Ravelry. It is a bit long, so the next one will be knit slightly shorter and with a quicker set of decreases, to keep the hat from getting pointy.
From 2010 Finished Objects

I got a new pair of mittens.
From 2010 Finished Objects

They are the Ribbon Mittens by SpillyJane. Because I'm a bit high maintenance, I changed up the pattern and made them convertible mittens. This way, I still learn a new technique and have my fingers free for my PDA and retrieving items from my purse.

From 2010 Finished Objects

Little Clover got a new scarf. The pattern is Palindrome, knit in Malabrigo because he has expense tastes like his mommy. It's cute to see him grab this scarf when I tell him he needs to bundle up. Seeing him choice this scarf warms my heart.
From 2010 Finished Objects

During Christmas, I spent the break on the sofa, knocked out by a nasty little cold and then terrible side effects from the antibiotic. It made me appreciate chicken soup and hot toddies as natural remedies even more. The wacky cold weather is probably the culprit, but it also brought two snows, so I'd welcome this type of weather at Christmas again. We woke up to snow on Saturday, Dec 18 and snow flurries on Christmas day. For our little part of the world, this is a lot of snow! With some luck, we'll have even more this weekend.

When I was finally feeling better, we cooked a goose. Yes, a goose, and not only was it pretty when it came out of the oven, but it was delicious. To help with the delicousness, I made giblet gravy for the first time. Midway through dinner, Italian looked over and proclaimed that the gravy could not be thrown out for any reason. I think he liked it.

As for what's coming in the year, I hope for the best for everyone. Our family has been blessed with much. We have our health. We have wonderful families. We have many friends and our family and friends are welcoming or have recently welcomed littles ones. I hope our blessings and yours continue to flow into 2011. Happy New Year!

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