Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Marathons have almost always been a part of my life. Papa Clover was an avid marathon runner, so my mom and I accompanied him to many a marathon. My company sponsors a marathon every year. My city also is the host to a major annual marathon. My brother-in-law ran it one year. I have friends who have run half marathons to raise money for charity. Therefore, the idea that one day, I might be involved in a marathon isn't such a strange idea. I just didn't expect it to happen this way.

I took an inventory of my stash.

Being the start of a year, I felt compelled to inventory my yarn and update Ravelry. As I added more and more yarns to my stash listing, I began to panic. Upon completing my inventory, my panic rose. I exported my stash information to a spreadsheet and totaled up my yardage. Because the number was much larger than the requisit 1760 yards needed to make up a mile, I divided. Yep, marathon. Marathon plus some to be exact. I have over 29 miles of yarn in my house. Considering I knitted 6643 yards last year, I have enough yarn to last me seven years. To you non-knitters out there, this may seem like a lot, but in light of today's current economic situation, I am now concerned that my Yarn Investment Porfolio (YIP) is quite small. Thank goodness I have a new spinning wheel which will allow me to increase my YIP at marginal costs.

From Irish Clover

I wonder if I can put an odometer on a spinning wheel. Who knows, I might have already spun the equivalent of a marathon.

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Sarah said...

Better yet, hook your wheel up to the grid. You could save hundreds on the utility bill :)

Or come to the MKM Yarn swap next week.