Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have sock, must travel

I'm starting to slip into pre-traveling panic. We have a trip coming up, one we have diligently planned for over a year. We are now in the finally weeks before leaving and I'm panicing. There is shopping and packing to do, final arrangements needing some attention, and knitting needing sorting and packing. Overall, I don't feel ready. I feel a bit overwhelmed. Italian and I discussed clothes to pack and were a bit stumped. The heat here is stifling and in the hundreds. The vacation destination had a high of 64F yesterday and has a current temp of 49F. With a difference of over 40 degrees, I have no idea what in the world we need to bring.

The carry-on bags are ready for the most part. We need to charge some electronics and sort through some games and movies. I wish we had room to pack a change of clothes in case luggage gets lost, but with the things I've packed to keep Little Clover busy, the bags just don't have the room to carry any extra clothes. I've even been choosy on which knitting will come with us. Only the Jaywalkers will accompany me on the plane and train, so I'm knitting slowly on them. To get them ready for the trip, I took it on a short overnight trip. The sock enjoyed the scenery.


Aaron Pentzer said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm panicking too!
-Mommy Russia