Thursday, July 06, 2006


Last night, a plane landed on our roof.

Thankfully, it was a very light plane made out of styrofoam. I've never seen a kid have as much fun with styrofoam as Little Clover did last night. He put on an airshow for us with his plane. He would start in the neighbor's yard and run across their yard, our yard, across the driveway, and then launch his plane down the hill, usually ending the run with a thud as the plane crashed into the ground and trees. He was able to make the plane do a few loop-d-loops (which is how it landed on the roof). Of course, Italian and I would have to do an "inspection check" every now and then. The inspection check involved the "inspectors" taking the plane on a "test flight." Little Clover is convinced that I am the worst pilot ever.

Once the flight show ended, we all bustled back in as the lightning bugs began to twinkle outside. I traded in my pilot's garb for this:

That's right, a finished Honeymoon Cami! Now, on to get my safari clothes as Little Clover picks yet another knitted stuffed animal to add to our zoo.


Anonymous said...

Your cami is beautiful! I really like that color.

Hope Little Clover's airplane got rescued from the roof. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The cami turned out great, I love the colors!!!

Anonymous said...
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