Monday, July 10, 2006

Mommies vs. Daddies

I discovered this weekend why God made mommies. Little Clover's cousin came into town this weekend and Italian's mom took both of the boys to the mall. To keep them happy and entertained, they went to Build-A-Bear. Both got a bear and to further keep them busy in the mall, both got a small stroller for the bears. The rest of the weekend, Little Clover insisted on bringing his "baby" with the stroller whereever we went. I thought this was cute. I was impressed with his caregiver skills. I smiled at how he gently pushed the stroller around, talking to the bear. Then we came to a ramp and I watch Little Clover change from gentle caregiver to total boy as he pushed the stroller down the ramp, giggling with glee as it zoomed down the ramp. Italian was giggling, too. And that's why God made mommies.

Introducing the twins! They haven't received their hats yet, and from the picture, they look very small, either that or the knits in this picture are made from super bulky yarn.


Anonymous said...

The babies are ADORABLE!!! I agree...they must be tiny tots. I can't wait to see them in their tomato hats. :-)

Anonymous said...
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