Friday, November 10, 2006

Panic! breathe

Quick post, no pictures for this one.

I just realized that I am traveling for Thanksgiving and won't be taking a spinning wheel. My chest just kinda got tight and my breathe stifled under the weight and I honestly felt panic rising up. I will be without a wheel for at least three days. This is sad. I'll still have my knitting. I'll be busy hanging out with my family, yet I am wondering if there is anyway I could spin while with my family. I don't even own a wheel yet! I'm still renting a wheel from my LYS. Oy! I think I have official crossed over to genuine fiber addict.


Anonymous said...

A drop spindle?

One of the girls in my knitting group was using one. It would be VERY portable.

Anonymous said...

An addition to my previous post. My friend, Ellen, recommends this:

A totally portable wheel

Theresa said...

Make a quick drop spindle. Take a dowel rod. Cut it about 8" long sharpen the end (in a pencil sharpener will do... or DH can make a point for you. Take an old cd. in the center of the cd put a rubber grommet from the local hardward store. The grommet should fit snugly into the cd and on the dowel rod. screw in a cup hook and you have an instant spindle!!!!!! Have a good thanksgiving. Hope to talk with you soon.... Theresa in Ohio

Theresa in Ohio said...

and a good site to show you how to use one!!!!