Monday, January 22, 2007

Colts vs. Bears

You're Invited!

To the Habitat for Humanity Hometown Huddle!

For football fans and friends/relatives/spouse of football fans, a very important day is quickly approaching. Sunday, February 4 will be a day of merrymaking and celebrating. It is Super Bowl Sunday! Habitat for Humanity is asking community members to take donations during the half-time production for the Super Bowl. While you watch Prince, you can also help a family in need build their own castle. Since we are not hosting a Super Bowl party, but we still want to help out, I've decided to host a virtual Hometown Huddle here on my blog and you are invited!

To participate, please click on the donation button in the sidebar and leave whatever amount is comfortable for you. Your donation will go towards my local chapter of Habitat for Humanity to help them provide families with a home. I've built one Habitat house in my community and the experience was amazing. The house was for a family of three, a mom and her two kids. I will cover as much of the PayPal fees as I can so that all of your money goes to Habitat. Of course, my goal is to have a ton of donations, so much that I won't be able to cover all of the PayPal fees. My goal is to raise $3,000 for Habitat. To entice you, there will be yarn! I'm on the prowl for some yarn to send out to random lucky donors.

Habitat provides families with a decent home, which is hard to find for more and more people. For more information on their mission and activities, please visit their website. If you help provide funding, then consider donating some of your time and help build a house in your community.

PayPal applies a fee of up to 3% and $0.30 to every transaction.


gaylemae said...

The sidebar link is the only one that works. I tried using the one under the blog, but it says PayPal is not available. I was successful using the sidebar link.

Anonymous said...

OK. I think I just made a donation (and tried to cover the paypal costs)... hope it gets there. I've been struggling with combining too many paypal accounts into one this a.m.! Thanks again, IC, for doing this! The money you raise will go DIRECTLY to building zero-interest homes for deserving folks in the Memphis community!