Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If you give a mouse a new t.v...

I don't really have any resolutions. My life is pretty darn good and there isn't much I'd like to change. I'm rather fortunate and lucky that way. Instead, I have a ton of goals. Resolutions and goals are very similar in meaning, but the connontations are different to me. A resolution seems to imply a drastic measure to alter one's life permanently, while a goal is a concrete thing to achieve. For 2007, my goal is to revamp the house.

Well, it won't be a complete revamping. We won't do any major renovations or anything too drastic. Instead, I'm hoping to get a lot of little and medium sized things done. This all started with a new t.v.

The t.v. we had was a wedding gift and we have been married for a while now. It still worked fine once you got past the 30 seconds of the shrill tone emitting from the t.v. every time you turned it on. The tone started as just a little beep and has been growing in duration. We just figured this was the t.v.'s way of welcoming us back.

We had been waiting for just the right time for a new television, and let's just say, this was the right time. Of course, the new t.v. doesn't fit in the entertaiment cabinent. Italian will have to build a new stand for the t.v. The old one will move to the spare room, which now needs to be put into a usable state as a guest room/play room. That means that Italian will also have to build some sort of media storage, the closet needs to be organized and cleaned out and logically, the office will have to be organized as well. The office needs bookshelves to hold the overflow from the spare room, so Italian can just build those while he builds all the other stuff. If we are going to re-do the spare room, we might as well organize the office closet and make better use of that space. Since we are going to do all this work, we should just go ahead and paint the rest of the rooms in the house. We can't just paint in the bathroom though. The ceiling in one needs to have the texture removed and I might as well do that while I paint. Plus, the other bathroom has wallpaper and while I've got the light fixtures down to take off the wallpaper and paint, I might as well replace the fixtures. Oh, and while Italian is in the garage building all the other stuff. I asked him to build me a sideboard for the reading/dining room.

I feel like I'm stuck in one of Laura Numeroff's books. At least there's no more high pitch shriek, and Scooby Doo never looked better.

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