Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day

Today is Little Clover's first day of school. Despite my protests, he continues to grow up and not many things exemplify that more than the first day of a new grade. We had quite an adventure preparing for this day. We hunted for his school supplies and although we were pretty successful in the beginning, I ended up making three trips to the store, searching for loose leaf paper and manila folders. I probably could have saved myself at least one trip to the store if I had read the list properly and bought manila folders instead of pulling out the manila envelopes I had at home. I was pretty smug with myself, too, when I thought I had everything he needed. Then, last night as I was getting his backpack together, I realized my error and jetted to the store. They didn't have manila colored folders, just the brightly colored ones. I'm hoping his teacher won't notice.

Little Clover is a bit nervous about the new grade. He got the "hard" teacher this year and his first comment about it was. "Well, at least I'll be super smart next year." We'll see how things go, but we are expecting a year with lots and lots and lots of work. Hopefully, he'll still enjoy the learning process. With the colored folder fiasco, who knows. We may already be branded as the flaky family (which would not be an inaccurate statement).

The start of the new school year also brings the start of soccer season. I know have three hours dedicated to knitting as I watch the not-so-little people kick around the ball. The soccer hours are well appreciated now I've had a chance to recharge. The frogging of the Fancy Silk Sock and the Lotus Blossom Tank lifted a weight from my knitting. I've made plenty of head way on the new Widdershins socks and on Elly for addition to Foxy's family. I may just finish Elly this week.

I know it's been a while since I've had a newborn, but the size (or lack thereof) is kinda scaring me. Are babies really that small???


foxycpa said...

Good thing you may finish this week because I feel like it's gonna happen this week...but of course, it's probably just wishful thinking!

paula said...

I too made many trips dor school supplies. I have 3 doing soccer, practice started this week, it is the only time I pretty much get to sit and knit.