Thursday, August 09, 2007

Showing off socks

Tennessee was tax-free this weekend and I took advantage of it. Little Clover and I hit the stores early Saturday in the hopes of knocking out our errands quickly. Our first stop at the uniform store was a complete bust. The line to get in was a 45 minute wait. I don't mind lines because I always have a bit of knitting in my purse, but I do mind waiting in line with an unequipped child. I had completely forgotten to bring anything to keep Little Clover busy in long lines, so we left for our next stop, the shoe store, which was closed. I was getting frazzled. I drove to yet another shoe store and was finally able to buy something. From then on, we ran our errands without further problems and even had time for a Mommy/Son lunch date.

I then decided to take a little bit of time to do some Mommy shopping. I dropped Little Clover off at home and headed to the mall, where I hunted for the perfect pair of shoes. I browsed, I picked up a shoe here and there. Before I knew it, I was holding five shoes that tickled my fancy in different ways. A sales person found me and asked if I would like to try any on. I gave her my size and all five shoes. She brought them out and noticed I was looking at the shoes rather intently. She asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I said yes, I want shoes to show off my socks. She looked at me, decided I was serious, and then started to back away. She obviously doesn't knit socks.


Chrispy said...

Wow cool shoes. What are they?

olympiablue said...

those shoes are cute! do tell. we missed you last night at knitting!

Irish Clover said...

They are from the Clark store. I think they are called Indigoes. I'm away from the shoes right now, but I'll post what they are when I get back home. I missed you guys, too :)